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I have been going out with this girl from work.
At firs she was the one to talk firs .
I had noticed her but it pooked very cold and girls like that are hard to read.
In base of your posts I moved things quiqtly and I went in a date with her a couple of times and I told her that I wanted more then friendship with her and asked her if we had a chanse together and she said ok. ( dhe told me shehad just brolen up with a guy when e meet her, dont kniw if its important)We went out fir a coulpe of weeks but we went out inly when a called or texted her,she never texts or calls and this bothers me, when we are together she acts interested and cold at the sqme time, and im in a point where I dont know how to act, at the same time she goes out with avfriend that knew. Long before she meet me and she aleays says she that giy is very funny , bit she always liked sensitive and careing guys, amd she repents on loosing a guy like that once.
And I have a feeling she likes him but I dont think there is something between them.
I would like an honest opinion , im I being played here for a fool, for the moment im thinking of never calling her any more and end things with her just for the satisfation of not letting her do that to me first.
I really would like an honest opinion on how to proceed.
I thank you in advance for your opinion, love your articeles, jelped me a lott