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Great post Chase. I have a question though; in your post about What To Do If A Girl Doesn't Text Back, you say you wait a day or so to text a girl, and if she doesn't reply to that then you wait another two days and ping her again. This strikes me as chasing moreso than persistence. I understand that people have lives and schedules and may not be able to reply to texts, but my instinct has always been that texting someone after they don't reply is chasing (and that if a girl likes you, she WILL reply to your texts). Is texting/calling someone after they fail to reply persistence, or is it signs of giving chase?

For example, I met this girl online last week. I invited her out to dinner and she obliged. Dinner went fine, and she ended up coming back to my place after I invited her. We only made out however because she had to catch her bus home, but she was warm and receptive. When I texted her the next day saying we should meet up again soon, I got no reply. She seemed into me at the dinner, and was carrying the bulk of the conversation while still giving me some amounts of compliance. Did my text infer that I was chasing too much? And should i send another message her way, or forget about her?