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Hey Chase,
I guess I am the slow one in this case.
One of your comments says:
If a girl likes you, if she has any desire to be with you, it's not going to take a month or more to happen, unless YOU are really slow. And if you are really slow, she'll almost certainly have lost interest by the time you get around to doing what you should've done much earlier on, and she'll be lost (never to return).

Will I have come to realize that it wasn't me being slow it was the situation that was put in front of me.
Here's what happened I work at a store and I run the cash register I would see this gorgeous women from time to time. I would initiate the convo at every opportunity I get with her and she responds back with a smile every time and is very friendly to me. I let this go on for several years to be honest because during those time I knew she was taken. To make it short she was finally single or on and off with her ex boyfriend from what I knew. I decided to leave her alone because I wasn't going to pursue a women who is on and off with her ex boyfriend. Anyways as years pass I decided to ask her out, just to hang out nothing serious and she was shocked when I asked her out at the cash register lol. She replied she would go if she isn't busy tonight. I asked for her number and she replied why don't you give me your's so that way if I was to come out I would call you so I know where to meet you. Will that night she never called. I played it off like it was nothing the following week I saw her and I just spoke to her at my job like nothing happened and she still spoke back to me with no weird reactions or any strange body language to show she is not feeling me or interested. So I waited 2 weeks to ask her out again and lucky enough she came back to the store so I asked her out again this time she said she would "THINK" about it and smiled then walked out the door. I was so dumb founded at first because I actually thought in my mind she was going to blow me off with a rejection and not a word less. So I did the same thing I did before which was to act like everything was normal when I see her again so I let that go for another 2 weeks with out asking her out. Whenever I saw her we would just say Hi and Bye at the store. Reminder I only see her at the store that I work at know where else. I am trying to make this as short as possible but it doesn't seem like it sorry. If your still reading the good part is coming. Ok after 2 weeks (Total 2 months of no Convo taken place) some miracle happens she decides to strike a convo with me out of the blue. We spoke for several minutes before she left the store with a big smile on her face. That really shocked me I thought I had no chance after she said she'd think about it. Then it hit me "What if she really ment that she was thinking about it and not a rejection by being polite that way" I asked myself that and guess what the following week she comes by again I happened to be outside on a smoke break and she again strikes a conversation with me with a sweet smile and at that moment I said to myself I think she is beginning to like me and that's when I decided to ask her out for the 3rd time around and like they say 3 is a charm. We went out 2 days ago and now we are hitting it of pretty well. All in all the pursuing took me about 3 months total to finally get this absolutely beautiful women to go out with me. Don't get me wrong during those 3 months in between I was weighing out other options since this one seemed like a lost cause at first. But yeah we are going to be on a 2nd date sometime next week so there you go guys.

Depending on the situation it might take some time is what I am trying to say.

Good luck to you gentlemen!