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Hi Chase,

Great article, really got through to me, but with the part that you have to move fast to get the girl, I've been friends with this girl for a few years and recently, I realized that I've become crazy about her.

About 5 weeks ago, she came over my place and we just watched a game of football (aka soccer) together before she went off to university for the day. Before she went though, I gave her a necklace I had bought for her as a birthday gift, (her b'day was a few days before then) and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and a big hug and said she wants to hang out more often.

Since then I've talked to her only through Facebook, but she isn't talking to me as much as she use to and I've tried facebook messaging her but it doesn't say 'seen' and I'm not sure what to think of that ... oh and she doesn't have a mobile phone, I know this for fact, so it's not like I can just text or call her directly.

So uhh what the hell am I supposed to think of all this when she says one thing in person, but I'm getting less actual contact from her now. Am I just over-thinking it? I think she might be really pressed with Uni work, cause she has exams in a few weeks. Should I just wait till her exams are done and play it like I didn't notice the attention difference? or should I just throw it on the line and be done with it either way?

Cheers in advance.