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Just discovered your site this year and have been flipping through some of the articles which are surprisingly super interesting/helpful!

This summer a girl on my university's volleyball team gave me her number after I had waited on her table. I ended up taking her out to coffee the following week and I thought we had a really good time.....we were laughing and just getting to know each other. We discussed doing it again and I left her a text saying I really enjoyed having coffee with her

Unfortunately, it was the end of the summer and when I asked if she wanted to hang out again, her volleyball pre-season had started and she told me she was doing like 40+ hour/week practices and that she really didn't have time. When I asked if she had half an hour to spare to grab a bite, she sent me another text saying how she would love to get together again and how much she enjoyed having coffee with me, but with volleyball and school that she wrote that, "maybe when the season dies down we can hang again". I know when girls say that they are busy it usually infers a lack of interest, but I mean being a D1 athlete is a full time job

I haven't really messaged her since because I don't want to be that annoying guy who just sends random messages but I'm at a cross roads on how to handle this. Do I forget about her and move on? Do I attend a game with a couple friends and maybe try and restart communication? Should I even consider contacting her when the season ends? And what the hell should I even say to her to restart a conversation?