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Chase mate, a lot of solid stuff on this site. Really helpful.
I'd like to share some thoughts and experiences and get your feedback.
I am from Australia and the girls down here are Somewhat different. The whole dating scene is a lot less straight forward. Approaching a girl and getting her number to ask on a date doesn't happen that frequently in the first interaction. What I have observed and has worked for me is you begin the interaction, flirt have a good time, and at some point kiss and exchange numbers.
My problem is the texting and communication that follows, because as I said, girls don't respond as well to the straight up asking on a date.
Do you think that sending them a follow up text is enough? And letting them come to you after that? The essence of my question is, how to set up another casual meet with girls, who maybe favour the less straight up approach and maybe actually enjoy a bit more persistance(I.e a bit of texting)
I'm not sure if you have experienced meeting girls in Australia, but Id love to hear what you think!