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I met this girl online a few back. We have hung out about 6 times, The first kiss was on the second date. Third date was the first make-up sense, while watching a movie at my place. We saw each other every other night that week, before she left on a business trip. I saw her the night before her trip at her place and barely heard from her while she was gone. I am not in the right place to sleep with her yet, I want to take things slow, but not rush them. I sent 3 messages while she gone. and got only one response. she comes back today. I know she is busy and working hard, but spending a week with someone and then disappearing does not make sense. What should I do? My sister and a few other friends of mine say let her call you, but I am trying to make this work and make sure I don't loose her / mess things up.
Any advise would help.