Constructing Your Sexy Vibe (and Making Girls Go Nuts) | Girls Chase

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Great posts man, keep it up!

I have noticed neither you or Chase have made an article on 'Instant dates' and what you are think about them. And some of your blog entries contradict each other...

e.g. Law of least effect is good, but when you apply that to texting a girl you only interacted with for 5 minutes on the street and you try to organise a date straight away in the first text or so... could be problematic?

Could you PLEASE do an in depth article on day game and flake prevention, because a lot of people say it's a numbers game... but the pros know that you have to build a really strong connection in your interactions, so instead of a numbers game it becomes something else.

Girls hand out their numbers like candy these days! And if you think about it, a girl who is approached by a confident, sexy guy etc. will give her number out because it has rarely or never happened to her and is caught up in the moment... which would/could easily lead to a flake especially with beautiful women who have many men that they could easily date from their social circle and what not.

Also I think Chase mentioned that keeping an interaction short VS long was the way to go... but then there are instant dates which supposedly reduce the flake rate for daygame. In a short time frame can you build a really solid connection? I strongly agree it is detrimental to be Mr. Funny pants, super exciting etc. when approaching. I'm really calm myself and am into the whole vibes thing too.

Honestly, it will be much appreciated if you gave your insights to what I have mentioned above in a blog entry.