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Dude do you feel , like its always push pull ? Can she truly never compromise. Are you crossing the battle grounds. Do you clean up her mess all the time ? Sounds like a personality disorder. These women are every where. Test her be completely happy . If she is bat shit crazy shell pick a fight quick. Ever notice when its all smooth shit pops off? This article has some truth , yes women test you , not to the extent this article makes out to be okay. There are plenty of good women , who dont start drama to test you. This kind of male exceptence is the problem. If we stopped thinking with our dicks for a minute we would run shit. You really want control ? Your fucked youll never have it. Controls an illusion this writer is a little nutty. Cute girl test is one thing.... You have a bat shit crazy one. Yeah people argue. I have issues with this article because it just states the bullshit neither sex should do to each other ever. Communicate with each other , their wont be drama. No testing takes place , beyond the cute stuff thats within a normal relm. If I can get mad and punch out 5 dudes , then there is no way im putting up with crazy. Guys have emtions to and the writer wants you to believe we are not in touch with them thats just bullshit. I have emtions , most women dont talk more then guys, they make shit up in their heads , and we slip into the sick sad world of most womens shit. I wouldnt be surprised if a women wrote this. I do believe the part of saying , if we dont fight , than its bs or your a wuss, This is basically saying play a fucking game you dont want to play just giving more to the cycle making it worse, until she wins or give in. Fuck that. What has the world become. If your friends with a women or girl first and jump of the social stigma wagon, this crap doesnt happen. And brah kick nut bag to the curb , my guess she has issues keeping a job.