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My 24 year old girlfriend is the surgeon general and royal queen of drama. We love each other though but her drama will soon tear our relationship apart.

You can buy her the whole world, you can buy her what her 6months earnings won't be able to afford, and rather than say "thanks for the gift", she would criticise what you have gotten her instead. She would express disappointment claiming that should would have preferred some different.

Simply put, she doesn't appreciate what I do for her, even when she knows she can't afford it. She is also very disrespectful. If I say the right stuff 95percent of the time and say only 5percent wrong stuff, she would base the entire conversation on the 5 percent that I said wrong and not the 95percent that I said right. I spend hours on the phone with her leaving me with skyrocketing bills but she has never spent a dime on phone bills calling me yet she is quick to disconnect my calls whenever I say something that doesn't please her.

It seems that it is only when I play along with her foolish demands and ways that the relationship experiences peace.

I think women should wake up and stop the drama, at the end of the day it doesn't make a man a better man! a good man is made better if his woman can learn to love, appreciate and respect him. That's the message that should be sent out there to women, they should love, appreciate and respect men.