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Hi , I used to be a "PUA" until I really kinda found myself by talking a lot and meeting interesting people and other hobbies.
From time to time I read these kind of summaries to see how others see women, and I often find them too black or white.

But, I must say this one really got me. I have dated 3 girls over the last 3 years, and they all were the perfect examples of those dynamic women. I am a professional dancer, and these masterpieces of ladies do appear a lot in our scene.

But this time I thought it was different, until she called me from far away, telling me she might cheat, as sex isn't the only thing that defines a relationship. She's kinda right, but I'm too loyal, too conservative- too romanticus maybe....

So I guess the only thing I can do is break up, because she will do it. She says because she needs to 'feel' to feel wanted, to be treasured. I just sense that right now she's still holding on but not for long, she's taking distance.
But how do you move on from these girls? I 've had my heart literally smashed 3 times now (i'll count the current one as well cos the break up will be enormously painful- she ticks off ALL the qualities :/ ), and I keep meeting these kind of women because I'm very social myself...

And where do you find those non-dynamic women? :P

(no native english speaker - my apalogies)