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Jason, the difference between a woman that loves sex and a woman that loves sex with you is simple. Look at her actions!!! Women that just love sex for the sake of it don't get attached to men but a woman that dinds a guy she loves having sex with will become very attached. she will want to be with you all the time. She won't choose friends or others over you, EVER! An easy woman will because you're just another one. She will have a very high tolerance when it comes to your shortcomings. Shell still bitch and nag you though. Usually women that just like random sex don't care if you want a relationship with them or not. Usually those kind of women are nonchalant when it comes to where the relationshipis going. A woman that craves you will want to be serious you won't have to convince her to be in a relationship with you or to spend time with you. Shell always make time for you.