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You hit the nail on the head with most of what you said. Let me tell you this though. I am a woman, I've been in relationships with men that thought I had a high sex drive and with men who thought my sex drive was average. Guys that I wanted to constantly have sex with we're the ones I felt more of a connection with. The bad part is that they were the guys that thought I was a slut and didn't feel secure in our relationship. The sad part is they are the ones I would have never left if they weren't so intimidated by my sex drive. The ones that thought I was a complete good girl and innocent we're the ones I just didn't feel that connected to mentally and physically. I've never cheated on anyone I just break up with them once I realize I won't have a physical connection with them. My advice to men is not too look for a women with a moderate sex drive. Most of the time women are dating them for stability and if they're not as sexually attracted they are more likely to cheat in all actuality. Sometimes 2 people have intense sexual chemistry it doesn't mean the woman is going to want sex with other people. The sad reality of being a woman is that a man we are the most sexually attracted to is not the one that will feel secure marrying us. The man we are moderately attracted to will feel secure marrying us. In my opinion men want to marry a woman that ALLOW them to sleep with them. They don't marry women that LOVE to sleep with them. This is another reason they get cheated on because if a woman doesn't have that connection with the man she's with. She won't be able to resist a man she does have an intense connection with. I've only had that connection with 2 men. While I was with them all men were invisible no matter what they did or how good they looked, but they were they only men that ever questioned my Fidelity even though I was always with them. Even though I'm not into social media or the club scene. Men are scared to be with a woman that truly desires them. It's really sad because I now realize I have to settle for a man I don't crave sex from as much in order for them to take me seriously. Sad reality of being a woman.