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Here's the deal: you think you're better than the woman who's a safe bet and you may be right. But according to this article the reason these women cheated in the first place was due to insecurity or their husband was weak or they needed to force a change. So it would help if you explained what happened in the relationships you're speaking of because I'm not convinced. I'm not saying you don't deserve a relationship and that you wouldn't be faithful. I'm just saying you should clarify where the article is wrong. Again if I knew you I wouldn't automatically think that you wouldn't be faithful to me if we were in a relationship hypothetically speaking. As a matter Of fact I would treat you the same as someone who was the safe bet but here's the part you probably won't like. Just because I promise you fidelity doesn't mean it's automatically going to happen and vice versa. That's just human nature. So in a way of sorts that I won't explain I'd be working exactly what Chase mentioned to very high degree. In other words IF you really loved me you would think twice before cheating on me and if you didn't there would be no reason for me to commit. And of course if I really loved you I'd think twice before cheating on you. That's the basically the logic from this article. If you're not trying to refute that what's your concern?