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My current girlfriend is great, she is 36 and her PAST is similar to the points listed above for red flags. I have been with her for a year and a half and I haven't seen any of these points now other than a high sex drive. She doesn't go to clubs anymore, she now has more girlfriends than guy friends, we only travel together, she is pretty tame and would prefer a night in versus going out. We are both committed to each other but we have had problems with me dealing with her past. The fights are always about me questioning her past and I have never seen her do anything to suggest she even talks to other guys. She assures me that she only wants to be with me and has no interest in being on the go and dating or having sex with anyone else. She sometimes laughs and says I'm probably the one more at risk as I didn't sew my oats. Overall she has an amazing sex drive, has slept with a number of men (maybe 25-35 is my guess), has traveled alone and has cheated on an ex-boyfriend before. Most days I feel good being with her but some days I wonder will she stray. When I read this article it makes me wonder more. Any insight?