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Besski Livius - The Long Distance Lover's picture

This is one of the most comprehensible articles I've ever seen anywhere on web about cheating, being a man and relationships in general, and believe me I've been reading a few lately.

I love the subject of relationships, and this particular issue is one of the most frustrating ones for both men and women. And here you give an great amount of great insights about how to prevent infidelity.

One thing that I loved most was the idea of giving her the freedom to do what she wants. I call this the Freedom of Choice technique, and what it does is puts the power in her hands, so that she chooses to stay with you, and it's not you controlling her. For me it's as simple as telling her "Baby, if you like a guy, and you want to sleep with him, NO Problem go for it, but keep in mind that the relationship is gonna be over.

But of course, you need to be a GOOD boyfriend for her, so that she chooses you over other guys.

So, amazing article. Glad to have found it and spent 20 minutes reading it. :) Cheers!