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Lost my best's picture

This whole article described my whole last relationship to a T. She was a dynamic woman but a very loyal one till....the relationship stalled, I made her insecure, and I was not ready for marriage and a baby and she was...short order it ended in disaster with her running straight out the door to another guy....She came back and we tried again and well guess are doomed to repeat if you don't realize how this all works. Do not expect anything but a tragic ending if your woman is dynamic AND she does not get what she needs (not want...needs). Good luck guys and as hard as this is all to read it is the truth. I turned a blind eye to it all and have 7 years of what- ifs and regrets. You can only move forward from there but if you LISTEN to someone that has already been through the fire you will listen to this man in this article. Fucking Gospel truth he wrote!