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i dont know what people think when they get angry at this... if they look at this article it obviously means they are searching for some help in their security and in their relationship. i gotta say this hit at home with me. ill be a man about it. i haven't been the most secure man and i have let insecurities get the best of me and ive been searching for ways to resolve my issue. this article was inspiring and its going to do me a lot of good. im going through this situation as we speak. i have had thoughts of my girlfriend cheating but in reality its not the issue. my problem is everything thats mentioned here about why the girl isnt in the relationship as much as i am and looks at me as weak. reason... is my trust issue and my being too controlling. were currently not together but we still live together. she tells me she needs her space meaning not be on top of her all the time, and that she wants me to prove that we can make our friendship just as important as everything else (which hasnt been the case at all) she wants me to be friendly with her and in time if we want more we'll try again. i let her down day in and day out. its been this way for about a month now. im always trying to make it more and i havent really respected her wants and needs. ive been selfish with mine. and thats having all of her. i really am pushing her away. shes 23 and ill be 24 next week... she's the second type you mentioned in the article about being the type that has been with very few men...3 to be exact. shes a christian who reads her bible everyday. she does likes to have fun and go to a party occasionally but shes not the partier. you know the type. shes a great girl who deserves and wants to be respected and have a leader and a go getter as her man. i can be that guy. i just dont know if its too late for me to be that for her. we've been together over a year 1/2. i want it to work and im willing to do what it takes. cause its only gonna make me happier and succeed in the long run. great article. needed this. your a smart man! thanks