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I did the first part of the assignment about preventing the guy from committing crimes. if i take the guy out of the bad city and into a good one and give him a job then i solved it its not difficult. u right about some key points. but studies show women cheat more then men do. it could be for any reason or no reason at all. but it doesn't get reported because women are good liars. she may love u but feels the need to sleep with other men due to temptation (which u are trying to sell) and then comes home with a smile on her face like nothing happened. men do this but they get caught more then women do.(do some research on that and get back to me). the way you talk sometimes it would seem you are posing your self as the snake from the garden of Eden. anyone could cheat if you apply enough force and pressure on a relationship no matter how good it is and this goes for women especially. but you sound hypocritical in some ways about your previous article and in some in this article. i can see your biased statements. which makes you seem like a some kind of feminist. "you say if you try to PREVENT cheating, you will FAIL, 9 times out of 10" but later on the article you give ways to prevent it which is 1 of the hypocritical statements. when you say "don't try and stop her" basically means don't do anything to save your relationship basically just let it happen. WTF!! and you cant win by trying to stop people duh that's how you win. and remember some people don't know what they have until its gone and they are left with regret. which is why they might cheat on you with an ex.

wrote this in a hurry btw so i might be a bit vague here in there.