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Hi Chase

I've been reading your articles on pretty much every topic there is on your site. I recently came out of a 7 yards relationship. In the beginning I was more confident than a peacock and over the years I adapted to worshiping the ground my ex walked on....long story short I relocated to another city for her as she impulsively decided to persue a career elsewhere but was open to me following her alba later stage. I moved up and to be honest career wise I've grown and opened a successful restaurant and doing well otherwise. A few reasons stand out on why I know it went wrong ...I did. Not Make enough money and wasn't ever there most of the time (chefs life) I couldn't hold a stable job because I did not understand the challenges of my iindustry when I first moved here. Although she knew I loved her with all my heart I just couldn't motivate myself to be a stronger figure for her. I completely understand why she left and it came at a time when she lost her father to cancer... as the no Brainer I feel I was the reason for this due to my lack of the above..I am emotional and I do believe I can balance that with a stronger character. I now found out 5 months later that she cheated on me and it's left me breathless... I ask you to please share any insight on how to remove the pathetic old me and bring back my peacock status ....I never had a problem with girls only I was a tad shy...other than that I've bounced back but I'm pretty torn today...I want to forgive and forget and move on briskly and correct my wrongs...

Broken and pathetic