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Ok I've been in a rship with a girl what seemed to be the blur, innocent, demure sweet type. She's not that hot, but she's got her assets. She's had 6 boyfriends before me. I was number 7.and that too, she left her boyfriend in another country to be with me. I made sure she resolved to completely before coming to me.
I was a happy go lucky, boyish 19 year old that time. She loved my gentleman side and life in me. After 2 years of living together, she said she wants to settle with me, I was a pessimistic, paranoid person, always criticizing of her past rships, and also I always was jealous whenever she scored higher than me in our exams (we both are in the same University). She's a bit of a flirt, more natural at talking with guys than girls. I was also paranoid about that.

During the 3rd year, One day, she went out with one of our University friends, a guy, quite a bad boy. they worked on the same thesis. I said I trusted her. She went home with him, and when I came busting at their door at midnight, they claimed nothing was happening.
Later we had a rocky rship coz of trust issues. Found some flirty messages on her phone, overall she had a overall flirty behavior.

Suddenly sumthg big happen, she had problems with the University had to be delayed. I was close and caring for her for all that time till she entered. It was our 4th year. She got a booty call one random night.
I confronted the guy and told him firmly to stay away.
Suddenly out of know where we had a huge argument, leading into a break up.

She found solace and a rebound bf who happened to be my best friend. I tried to get her back or at least tell me why and how she could break our rship. We were gonna get married in our 6th year.
And then she fold Me. She cheated on me the night with that bad boy during 3rd year. Then, she also had a mini affair and had sex 2 times with another hunk who was working out at a gym. If that wasn't enough, she was forced into sex with another guy but complied and even had a bathe with him.
That's why she said, our rship is too tainted, I had to leave.
She dated the new rebound for 6 months. I had left already.

Now she left the rebound and came after me saying I was the best she ever had and she's so shameful of what she did.

I wasn't the most perfect bf. I'm alright looking, I work out, I take care of her when she's sick, I love her woith all My heart and I shower my love and concern. I had my terrible pessimistic, egoistic paranoid attitude but we both clicked yet.

Is this fair to happen this way? Am I at fault?
And right now I want to try and make things work, yes I'm swallowing my dignity and pride. But I wanna see what wouldve happen if I showed I could be a REAL Man, and see if she cheats again. How bout it?

*ps she likes it when we talk, we always act adorable with each other. Pampering style. How do I BE A MAN and still do that?