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So my situation is as follows. I know this girl who has a boyfriend and he's definitely a beta and is constantly nagging her and is insecure. However shes very socially savvy and does A LOT of talking with her eyes. She's one of those girls that can get men to do whatever she wants. Me, I'm very attractive, heavy into fashion, pretty boy, muscular, and I have a great presence and I would consider myself to be able to hold my own socially with almost any girl now, most times I bed girls in the first or very soon after we've met. Back to my story, I get the feeling that she has tried to hint to me that she's wanted me for a while just purely based off of her eye contact and statements that I swear carrysubliminal sexual messages. Fast forward to today, we randomly ran into eachother at a train station by a shopping center and she offered to buy me some clothes, I accepted and she got me some jeans and a few shirts. Before I knew it, I led her to my place after it seemed as if she purposely asked to have her phone charge in my place so that we could later come back inside. We got to my room and flirted around a little and she kept insisting that she wanted to leave, while her actions and eye contact were saying the complete opposite. I kind of lost control of the situation and long story short we didn't end up having sex because she said she didn't want to cheat--cool. How would you have dealt with this situation. I waited a while after we got into my room to initiate any sort of flirting because I hesitated and don't quite know how to always close the show when it comes to "highly socially aware" women. It's like they play the eye contact and body language better than me, so I don't know how to react. Usually with these girls I always get the feeling that they're hinting at metro sort of man up and take it, but I'm never sure because they communicate it so subtly so I end up waiting to long when we get to the room and I feel the sexual window close so fast! Should I have just moved in on her aggressively and just grabbed her face, or do I play the game and wait for her to want me. How exactly do you deal with these types of sharp women, how do I pick up on cues, and is it safer to just go in aggressively? Lol, I know I'm ranting but thanks.