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Chase, Excellent article. I wish somebody would have woken me up to your site a couple of years ago and educated me on this topic. Right now, my wife of 13 years that I have 2 beautiful young kids with is in the process of divorcing me. She had an emotional affair with a co-worker last year after I largely checked out of our relationship due to work demands, trying to manage the household, dealing with managing our daughter's ADHD and wrongfully thinking that her and my relationship would just maintain itself and that the other things were most important Being what a woman wants and being attentive to their needs is the way to keep them. I evidently hurt her somewhere in there and I can't get her back. Been desperately trying all year round and I can't get her to go to couples therapy. I think that the emotional affair with her co-worker is over, however, the effect of that affair was a catalyst for her to seek a divorce. I've been trying to improve myself, be a stand up guy to her and our kids and turn this thing around. She notices the positive changes, but says she doesn't love me's too little too late she says. I haven't given up hope and I'm going to keep on trying even after the divorce because I love her and I love our kids.

You have good advice here. I think it might be beneficial to have a post on the unique factors of an emotional affair versus the typically thought of physical affair.