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Hey fellas, glad to hear this one resonated.

On the requests:

  1. James Bond
  2. Hired guns
  3. Over security in relationships

... let me see what I can do.

On the newsletter: I haven't forgotten, I've actually got a really cool, highly polished free ebook finished and ready to go to relaunch the newsletter going out regularly again, but I need to get a few things retooled on the backend before I can get the newsletter set to go out. Right now I'm over my quota sending newsletters just to the people on the autoresponder, so need to upgrade or switch delivery services to before I can start sending out new newsletters again. Stay tuned on that one.

On the praise - thanks, gents. And on the guys attesting I helped out a bit with love lives - very cool of you to let me know that, I appreciate it. Good to know this stuff is helping to make a few waves and helping guys do better with things.

We've still got a bunch of great articles coming up from Ricardus on relationships, and I'll be on travel but I'll see if I can cook up one or two over the next few weeks on something interesting (maybe one of these topics).

Cheers, all-