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I absolutely have to applaud you on your last two posts, Chase. Not only because of how accurate they are, but also because they do not hold back in representing the truth.

I used to be an idealist myself (or as you stated, a "Disney-ish" believer) who believed that women just wanted what was romantic and displayed in romantic movies. What was ironic is that I was actually so confidently idealistic, I would attract tons of beautiful women because they could sense the confidence and security in my own beliefs. However, I started to notice a trend that I would often "befriend" these beautiful women (even after taking them on lavish, "dreamy" dates) instead of becoming lovers and entering relationships with them. One girl eventually changed all of that for me and was even the primary cause of me finding this website... but that's a story of its own.

Anyway, bottom line is, anyone reading this material who DOES NOT YET BELIEVE IT or finds it somehow "offensive" should actually be worshipping the ground you walk on. If there is anything I have learned in the last year (and especially the last 6 months), it is that the ability to truly understand social dynamics, dating, relationships, and women is an absolute blessing. It absolutely destroys fear, and it utterly reinforces your level of confidence. And confidence, with the ability to be unfazed in the most desperate of situations, is one of the most attractive qualities a man can have around women.

Please continue to "not hold back your punches." The only flak you will continue to receive are from those who have not overcome their own fears and past experiences. Maybe someday these blog posts will begin to resonate with them.

I am absolutely looking forward to your book on relationships!