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UndHey, i got a serious problem. I've been with this girl for a yaer and a half. At the beginning of the relationship i learned that she cheated on her last two relationships. One of them was after 9 months and she said she was broken and depressed. The other was for a month and she did it because he was abusive . She said she did not regret the second time. But the first tore her apart and was shunned by her friends. Anyways our relationship i guess you can say i was cheating phobic. She never did cheat on me. But the guy she cheated the first time with was her friend who she claims she has no emotion for. so i let her hang out with this guy still i mean talks atleast during our entire relationship. Then we break up one night and words are said because she was paying more attention to him than me so i ended it before i was cheated on. I saw my actions as just a burst of jealousy and i.decided to apologize. Thing is on my way to her house ( we live on the same street) i found her with that guy (making out) in the same place me and her first got intimate (in her car, she preferred it) feeling disgusted and a little betrayed after she told me she would not do anything for a while like that because we wanted to make sure it was over i left. Later at home she tells me she has no feelings for him and tells me she needed it to get her mind off things. I ask her if she has been cheating on me this whole time she says no. (yes i cried a little bit thinking that she has). Im just wondering what should i do next trust her and be with her or forget her?