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Hi, Let me start of by saying I absolutely hate weak females.
---- Females that are simple and feeble-minded and cant fend for their own.

Recently I found myself in a relationship where I noticed I have a strong-headed female. Shes beautiful, petite but does not take crap from anyone. She's my trophy, the reason I say this is because - EVERYBODY WANTS HER, AND HATE ON ME BECAUSE THEY CANT HAVE HER.

Why ? - Because I am that strong-minded male (I suppose), My girlfriend constantly reminds me that she likes a bigger man that she feels safe with. A man that can hold her tight and feel strong. She likes that - and I'm not saying you have to be big to fit this category, you just have to "sho' nuff" and prove it.

Let me admit, I am that guy that contains a little insecurity NOT IN ME, BUT IN A RELATIONSHIP because for the simple fact that I TRUST NO WOMEN, AND TRUST GETS YOU KILLED OR HURT IN THE END


After putting time and effort in to this girl, I learned the hard way she wasn't going to be easy. I took me some weeks after meeting her to even start dating her. I'm happy it took time and put forth the effort because it means shes more faithful. NEVER ACCEPT A WOMEN AS YOUR GIRL WHO YOU HAD SEX WITH FIRST TIME MEETING HER. NO NO - If it's that easy for her then it's easy for the next guy too.

This girl took me a couple weeks to even kiss her, and I'm no lame - I'm used to some females just givin it up - BUT THIS ONE WAS WORTH IT.

But let me get to the point, before I go into my lifestory.

Like Chase states - Don't give in to everything your girl demands at you, throws at you such as ultimatums - No sometimes, I believe it is only right to give in only if you feel the need and you feel that you can benefit from it - That's whats going to keep the relationship going - Afterall , if you demand something with your partner - Wouldn't you want it to happen too?

To be honest, and to my surprise - I've been with this girl faithfully for some months now, Haven't touched another girl
sexually at all. Yet, every once in a while she has great insecurities and wanted to go back to just friends because she didn't want to get her heart broken. And she's no basic female, everyday its females that wanna be just like her, do they hair just like hers etc. - When I say I have a queen, a diva - I really Do.

As far as being weak, Don't under estimate your relationship or over estimate it.

Don't be a sucker for love either, its OK to love but don't end up being the B**** Boy that does everything she tells you to do.

When in a argument, ARGUE BACK, ARGUE STRONG
(They like that shit, unless you have a weak female and she cries - get rid of her asap)

When you hug her, hold her - Do it manly, do it strong, do it tight.

Don't be dramatic

Don't be too feely and overwhelmed with emotion they hate that.

If she ever hangs up on you, be that guy to call her back make yo point and hang up on her and do not pick up. Believe me shes going to call you 10 times after that.

When they say they don't need you, they do . Its a fallacy.

But don't give in to be the sucker.