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Well here it is. When even the most Dynamic Woman finds true love, she will give her heart, throw herself into her relationship and steadfastly settle down.
A lot of men choose (sometimes mousey) 'Reliable Women', on the advice of their fathers, peers and old fashioned cliches, just like what this page propagates. Well, guess what, look around you, these often plain, plump, apparently low sex drive women OFTEN cheat on their partners and leave them. These women appear NOT to be Dynamic, it's just they ACT like butter wouldn't melt in their mouth. The reality, as many head scratching men are left to see, is very different. Do you really think all is fair in love and war? Do you really think that you guys are the only ones going in with game plans? Dynamic women are just honest and it all looks much more than it is, they don't cover up and pretend. Mousey women are usually just conniving witches. I know, I'm a woman and I can tell you guys, you'd need to be on your toes with them.

It is not really right to judge a woman who may be Dynamic and assume she will not give her heart to one man. Surely you can see that she will tire of the brittle life, of being UP all the time. Even dynamic women need stability, family life and security. She is not a worse bet than her (mousey) apparently less dynamic counterpart. In some ways because of her Gung Ho attitude, when she commits, she will make that relationship a huge focus. I had a boyfriend who would NOT believe I didn't go out clubbing, I never traveled with girls etc, I certainly didn't indulge in casual sex. I loved him with all my heart and now after a decade of not seeing him, I have not met another man, i.e. lived celibately. I see now, that because I had high energy, liked taking challenges, had a great job which I had to travel with (alone), worked out, kept my hair, makeup appearance really well that people - men judged I was Dynamic. Being blonde, 6ft with a 26 in waist complete what my brother called The Casino Chick look. Yet I have been with less than a handful of men, and had my heart broken twice.

In that same time I've seen heartless 'safe bet' women kick their husbands out ruthlessly, take what they had. Play around with everyone, never seem to have their hearts broken. And these women, whom I was astonished were able to attract ONE man, they are never, ever without a partner. I am asked out still, but I see all these male game plans and lines a mile off, and I just look at guys and think, this is all they want, sex. A conquest, yuk. They don't really want to know you, or commit, or really really love you. It makes celibacy a very attractive option. And guess what, I've even more energy to throw into projects, working out, a good life. Which makes me seem even more like the unreliable Dynamic Woman on the outside.

Don't be so quick to judge a book by its cover. There is no need for Dynamic women to miss out on the rare opportunity of a good man committing, just because of stereo types. I know for a fact I'd have made a better wife for my ex, who wouldn't commit to me, than the mousey safe bet he chose who was his cheating wife.