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I don't know I think you can have a mixture of categories 1 & 2. I have been with the same girl for 3 years and I am her 3rd partner. And no she isn't lying I know this simply because I don't care how many people she's been with so she has no reason to and she knows and because I know her very well she's not that type of person that would sleep around. I also know she is a very honest person. I guess since her number was 2 partners before me she falls in category 1. Her first partner was her first boyfriend whom she was with for 6 months and she never really saw him he had never even been to her house. Her second was a 1 night thing and the guy pretty much took advantage of her while she was passed out drunk. I can say she is extremely emotionally attached to me I know I'm her world. But as far as sex goes we were both pretty inexperienced when we started dating but in the first month of our relationship we tried everything in bed. I know that may seem like she was lying about her number since she was so willing to try new things but I could tell they were all very new and exciting for her as well as me. I also told her I loved her I the first month when I was drunk but a week later she said it to me sober. Technically we had sex before we confirmed our relationship but I don't think that means anything because we had been good friends for months before that and she knew I really liked her. She said she really liked me but didn't want to ruin our friendship so it took months of me trying to get her after we made out one night. We were sleeping together before we were dating but I think we were pretty much together after the first time since I saw her every night she would get jealous of other girls and if I had hooked up with anyone else she would have ended it and stopped talking to me. I think when a girl likes you that much they want to explore sex with you. Also about the control thing I think that depends on how much time you've been with them because it went back and forth with us. I have the control now since we recently got back together after being broken up for a few months because I lied to her. I only have control because she got very controlling over me so when she started talking to me asking me why I hadn't been talking to her and telling me how much she loves me and misses me I told her this is how the relationship has to be. That included us not living together anymore for awhile. I think the fact that we were living together she felt the need to control what I did. I know she didn't hook up with anyone in that time because she has two full time jobs and her brother said she would just go home and sleep. Also again I know she would just tell me because we broke up another time for only a day and she made out with some dude and told me. But I definitely agree with the sex=love for her. She would get mad if wanted to have sex sometimes and was romantic about. But then the sex is always awesome trying new things. At this point we've done everything so now it's just sex as usual. But all in all I think those two categories can kind of be mixed with the traits.