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I think guys need to ask themselves do you want mileage or drivers?  Lets do simple math.  A girl can have had 2 boyfriends back to back.  Siimple math, they could have sex 5 times or more per week. 5 times 4weeks 20x 12 months 240+ per year say 3 years.  Almost 800to1000 sex sessions.  Now a dumb girl seeking a bf gets drunk and has sex with 15 guys after 3 years.  Everyone knows 1 night stands are not quantity.  So lets guess like how this article wss written ,1 to 3 times for 10 guys and say 5to 10 times for 5 guys each.  So we are looking at 15 to 80 sex sessions verses 1000 times for claimed 3 partner chick.   

Guys you need to decide mileage over drivers?