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I would agree with the 20+. 

I am 29, have been with around 30 people. This isn’t because I was mentally unstable or couldn’t find fulfillment. It’s because ever since I can remember I have had a very high sexual drive. I wanted to experience different men, different places, experiences, etc. I could do casual relationships, FWB and one night stands no problem. I just wanted sex! And sometimes sex without commitment. Because for as clingy as girls can be- guys can be too and I was just too busy to be into it or play games. 

I was never once unfaithful. 

I do agree that we do know exactly what we want and are self assured enough to not settle and give up what doesn’t benefit us. But this is not just in sexual terms more so in grand scheme of a long term relationship. 

I am currently engaged to be married to a wonderful guy who fulfills many of my needs - the most critical ones both sexuslly and not. 

No one is perfect and every relationship requires some sort of compromise but I’m telling you right now if he didn’t fit this well I would not be making a commitment.