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Your observations are mostly correct even though I personally do not like them as a woman. Still there are things that women gain from promiscuity - improved genetic material. There are things such as sperm fighting/sperm concurrence and other things. And since paternity testing exists there is no logic reason for a society to employ slut shaming ever again.
During my life I have met and talked to many people - men and women alike. Also men can become attached from sex while some ladies don't. For me it really depends on my partner - if I cannot see him as my equal I could hook up with him twice a week and still don't give a damn. I like a good challenge but in the end I want someone who can keep up mentally but emotionally with me both. Someone who can appreciate me for who I am. I became more conservative over the years but I still consider experience something that can be worthy. I'd clearly prefer a partner who has had his time of playing around and who is ready to settle instead of someone who never went wild and cheats on me later.