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So I played your game, and I separated each bullet point into a multiple choice answer, mixing up the order so i wouldn't be influenced knowing which bullet point correlated with which category. I chose the strongest associated answer, and the 2nd strongest for each of the 10 sets of 4 bullet points. Then I ranked choice 1 2 points, choice 2 1 point. My gf had 11 partners before me, all by 24, and she ended up with 18 points for B (3-7), 5 for A (0-2), 4 for C (8-19), 3 for D (20+). Going further, the 18 B points were 8 choice 1s and 2 choice 2s, the 5 A points were 5 choice 2s, the 4 C points were 2 choice 1s, and the 3 D points were 3 choice 2s. Interestingly

I think your scale is skewed: Ignoring virgins, I'd say it goes more like 1 to 4, 5 to 9, 10 to 17, 18 and up. And it's a +/-3, not 2, for variation between categories. Clearly with 18 of 30 points, and considering there's a max of 20 points (10 choice 1s), my girl falls SQUARELY in category B. So either this is off a bit, or, she's just Dutch and so more inherently sexual and so the numbers skew higher, ha.