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Most guys would check up on the status of a second hand car more than they would check up on a girls background. Like one of the posters above it cost me dearly in ££££££££££.
Cutting a long story short we were together 25 years. Yes our life was a success. I had a rough idea of her number wich was in the 40s. But here became the problem. It wasn't her number but her deviousness. Clocking the 30 year old mark she had a tick list. Success in business, house, baby etc. I just fell into her trap which surfaced later. I was the chosen one to achieve her aims. Yes it worked for 10 years. Fun times. But then when her aims had been achieved she went back to her old ways. That was using sex to control. Unfortunately I didn't find out as she was smart enough to hide her activities and it wasn't until the 25 year mark after she had walked out that the history of our last 15 years showed up the sham it was. She knew from experience that men chased her and loved sex so she used this for thrills.(all unknown to me) . Even the last valentines card said it all. ''YOU ARE MY ROCK...I WOULD NEVER HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT YOU'' Only to true. I was well and truely shafted and cleaned out financially. She floated off into the sunset and I was left to pick up the pieces. History then repeated itself with her bedding all and sundry until she met the next mug.