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Hey Chase,

I've been in a relationship with a girl for 9 months now, and she is really dominant and definately browbeats me with drama, although I believe she's in love with me..I pressured her to tell her partner count because I wanted to verify your theory, and recently I learned that I am her tenth

So, your theories, once again come true, about not wanting to tell me her number, how she's always ready to cause drama and how she has a love/hate relationship with me.

The thing is, I really like the girl, she is beautiful (she used to model, but she is the usual model, she didn't like it but did it so she could pay the bills), she's funny, smart, cooks for me and gives massages. Also she has a lot built-in loyalty. So as, you can see, she hits me right in the absolute abundance that I DON'T have...

So my question to you, is there anything I can do to manage the situation?I really feel that after all that drama she One-Uping me and I feel a lot of pressure. For example, I can't predict when she's gonna be moody and I feel anxious about it. I'm pretty sure I'm the One-Down since I'm feeling this way. She's always has something to say about how wrong I was when I did that or the other and uses a lot of moral superiority.

It's just constant beating of drama, moral superiority and the frame that I don't respect her and that I'm an asshole (which I am, to an extend)

I would really appreciate any help you could offer.

Thanks again,