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I read the entire article. I read every comment up until this one. The previous comments were helpful and I agree with their views and suggestions. So I skipped the Essay. Then I read the response to that Essay stating how great it was. So I scrolled back up, and learned some things.

I found this site by googling the topic of "what does it mean when your gf keeps lying about her number of partners". In other words, we never discussed this before marriage, but I lived across the street from her and knew she was in at least 8 years of relationships by age 25. And then she told me about her earlier experiences. It is simple to do math. So I always had a number in my head. Last year she cheated on me with some jerk, who now hits her and has 0 things going for him. She has really taken me for a ride. So the number she tells me is what I know. Then from her new bf I learn about another guy, before him when we first discussed separation. I stumbled upon that first guys existence when one of the kids slipped up. But she said they never had sex and I believed her. So I ask her and she says oh yeah I forgot about him... +1. Then I find out about another one +1, same response. So she is only telling me what I already know. I really don't care now, because what has happened between me and the other guy has pretty much ruined my view of her.

Back on topic...
Your comment let me see/understand through the eyes/mind of a woman(maybe like my ex-wife). Because even she would tell me over and over she was in love with him, but I kept telling her it was lust.. He would hit her, I would help her file a restraining order, then she would go sleep with him the next day. I think he is probably using one of these sites, which I really never knew existed. So I guess I am a beta and need to go to that King site and learn to be a jerk. She can barely support herself and she picks that over complete security and being with her children (she gave me full custody). So it must be the seduction part, because the guy is always texting and emailing her and she gobbles is all up. I hope she one day figures is all out and can separate the Emotional/Logic to make her life better. Currently that guy (that she now cheats on with me... lol) is playing into her Emotional self like it is just a game.