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This was an amazing read. It should be added somewhere for easier access in the future (specifically the insecure out focus part that got me frozen)
I like how the insight is from the point of view of a woman and the battles between the "logical and emotional brains". It still boils down to mostly men getting out of their way to try to make nice guys be sexually attractive or else they will flock towards jerks (guess it's similar to really nice but insecure/overweight women who have no clue how to show themselves with attractive traits) It did scare the shit out of me how you describe you feel towards insecure men... We all have our insecure or no-go or out of comfort moments, i.e somebody says to take somebody out to dance, but I'll just usually say that I don't like to dance (I really don't even though I'm latin, then interrogation phase two begins). Is this gradual? do you smell it miles away, say crossing people on the street?
Good grief what you have going here Chase, I'm 31 and at the "lets just jump from a bridge and call it a life" joke-mindset, but between this shared knowledge and this nice community there is a bit of hope.