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I agreed with you until you wrote the section on "confident girls". Most girls I've met who have been with 20+ guys are insecure or have some mental issues. They do know what they want and typically will be willing to upgrade if they can at the drop of the hat. I typically do not sleep with girls who have been with 10 or more men, the risk of stds is significantly greater but I digress. The 3 or 4 sluts I've slept with have all been a Fuck buddy type relationship. These "girls" we're shitty people and the only reason I spent time with them is to fuck and leave. Friend of mine entered a relationship with one of these girls a few months ago despite the advice I had given him. She tried fucking me and I'm sure she was fucking many other men as well. Advice to fellow men out there, do not date a girl who's been with ten or more men. And if she says she went "crazy" in college just do yourself a favor and stop talking to her. As a white male I'd also add don't sleep with girls or enter relationships with girls who sleep with black guys. These girls if they aren't ugly as sin are typically white trash and it's not worth it to you to associate yourself with that class of person. Lest you want someone to do drugs with in a beat up minivan you live in down by the river.