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I have been gathering my own informational research data and kind of putting the whole puzzle together. The information here is absolutely valid and he seems to have done his research as well. That being said the only thing missing factors would be a woman's age and time frames between sex acts. Others have pointed this out earlier.

I would also like to add some of the games that mother nature plays on us well. I think men are definitely looking for two types of women. They would gladly bed as many sluts as they could find or as many who would let them. Men will also keep a special place in their heart when they ate ready for a girl who is relating love and sex. Two separate but equal agendas that have genetic advantages.

Science has shown that men with good genes and promiscuous do not need to fall in love or develop long term relationships simply because they don't have to. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk free. This type of male usually dose not even have the skills for a deep long tem relationship because he not force to acquire them by women.

Here is a genetic strategy example that mother nature could play on the unsuspecting. A man finds an mentally unstable, beautiful, uneducated , slut , but accidentally gets her pregnant. Now he decides to step up and be a great father but learns a valuable lesson about women because of all the drama from the child's mother. Upon learning his lesson he vows never to hook up with a woman like this again and finds a less attractive but finds stable wife who cannot have children. So now we have at least 3 parents in the picture. We have a bad mother with good genes, father with great genes and improving parenting skills, and finally a step mom with ok genes but great ethics; a child that has great genes a steadily improving father and new improve step mom as well as the genetic mom.

Now let's take the same scenario and apply it to a young woman. She chooses to finally settle down with a man that is a great father and husband but his genetics are not so good. All thee of the children are healthy but have some type congenital problem from the fathers poor genes. As the romance wanes in the marriage she cheats on her husban dwithe an alpha male who is a great lover with fantastic genes but not so good in the parenting department or husband area as well. What just happen? Mother nature has put two irons in the fire. The great father /husband is not going anywhere , he will stick around and raise his kids and she knows that. The wife could very well have a baby by genetically talented man and they break up, but she can handle the one with child support from both father because now she has a new baby with top flight genes. This scenario could easily be flipped around where she could have had child with the alpha male first then found a beta male to help raise them ethically and financially.

There are infinitely different scenarios that can be played out based on genes, careers, education, age, social economic status, you name it and mother nature will take that bet and gamble it. There are over 6 billion people on this earth so the odds are in her favor. When a species is just starting out you want to stick to the basics, like mating seasons and food supplies but after surviving well it becomes more complex set of dynamics.