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I've been with every girl in this category. And I have to tell you, your article is on point!

I recently was with the 20+ girl and we had a blast some of the best sex stories of my life. We broke up but she still comes back for more every once in a while when she gets in fights with her current boyfriend. Lol I've been with 25+ girls in my life. I'm32 years old now.

I'm currently dating a crazy cynical, she has those really crazy Moodswings that she blames on the birth control, when she drinks excessively she gets very violent or what she calls "blacks out" she basically hates me during that time which can last up to six hours, and she hates me for no reason sometimes we are having a lot of fun drinking and I'm taking her to very nice places, it doesn't matter. She blames this on possible past experiences that she's had while she's been drunk and does not remember. Sex is good but because I have trained her to do certain things that she didn't know before. It is only good because I am selfish with her, I don't please her too much I make sure I please myself with her. She creates monsters in her head and sometimes breaks up by by just those monsters with no fundamental and immediately starts to go back to her previous life with her former friends and tries to go out possibly even trying to hook up for sex. She's exactly as you described her category. If she doesn't drink and I treat her well she's the happiest woman on earth. Her goal is to start a family have her own house and get married. Lol

I recently dated the naïve girl in North Carolina when I was there for business for five months, I am her third partner. She fell in love with me she admires me I'm like a god it to her long story short I've been away from North Carolina for eight months now and she still text me every morning saying that she loves me and she misses me. I'm going back to North Carolina to end that relationship with respect and helping to make sure that she has her feelings intact while we part ways. She's a good little girl that I taught a few things in bed to. ;) she's 24

Also North Carolina during the same time I dated category "2" girl and long story short you've already described her. She's 28

your article is on point my friend. thumbs up to you and keep it up!!