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godspeed me   9 months. Of hell 's picture

I think I know you Lisa !! ;p

Thank you for posting this...This is brilliant and very true!

I just brook up with a weirdo 3rd category girl, I was laughing while reading, she is almost 95% as mentioned above + she still texting faking dramas ! I never reply back since last month... when I use to reply I find out she is faking things to have me back! but the thing is i know she dont want me at the same time !!!!

I been with too many ! She is someone special! She though when we first meet that it's "cool" to talk about how her "exs" and how they used to f**k her !!

Saw a video of her having it with one of her "Exs" !! She keep things from previous life and comparing it all with me !!! That was funny and crazy she never happy and she was happy at the same time?? U just can't tell who the heck is she .... All the blame on u whatever she do wrong u are the reason for her to do so !!!

Here is One of her crazy stuff , I Cough her playing with the pregnancy test ! she was trying to make it show positive !! I found a long list of guys on her room with my name last !!
She don't Knw if she love me or heat me !! She strongly believe sex is nothing to do with love !!!!
Nothing called romance or nice talk !! She been throw all of that and it's boring for her !!!

She had too many !! Once she mentioned that her "gay" brother use to compete with her who can hock up with more guys over summer !! They both did well !

After almost three months of the relation She realised that she shouldn't be telling me those things !!

Well was too late I already was thinking how to leave politely, cos we were doing the same course sadly ... No way for me to "Run"!

Just wanted to add that , there is no need to ask a girl whether she been with "too many " you can tell from her "skin" her "vagina " and the way she behave!

I really had the most bad experience! she did effect on me and the way I trust ..... I won get involve in any relation soon .... As that won't be healthy for my partner... I got a phobia from her behaviour...

It was a big day when I brook up with her :) smiles back friends back life started to be as healthy as it was and more ...

listen "do not risk it for a biscuit" with suck kind of girls !! Unless u are worries than her ..

With all my respect to the girls who are not included above! the good girls out there who are the mum of our future kids, who have no time to be hanging round night out or looking for guys as they have higher and better aims for thier life ... i strongly believe those type get a good guys who will find her and be proud to have her as his second half....

It's all depens on how well the girl brought up !! If the environment she brought up in , dose not care how many she had !!! She will end up under one of the above four types !!

If she is educated enough "brought up well " she will relies without a need to go throe hard time , and no need for her to be used as an object to gain the experience !

“Experience is a comb that life gives you after you lose your hair" ;)

All the best :)