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When I met my wife she had been with 10 men 2 men abused her, in her life she is 52 now.
She did have a lot of baggage including depression and drink issues.
We clicked as a couple when we met and worked through all her baggage and yes I had some too since my wife died at 50 3 years before we met.

I do agree re comment re "selective amnesia" and also the reluctance to be totally transparent very true.
But we are married and very happy, so labelling all the same is not correct, I feel your comments are about 50 accurate as far as I see them.

so does it really matter how many men a women has had sex with, I have had several women in my time so who am I to judge.
It is important that how you are together rather who she has had sex with in the past, as it is the now that matters and how you cope with baggage on both of you