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I came online looking for answers......Coming from a "traditional catholic country" this subject is highly important when deciding to share your life with the woman on your life. I thought I found mine, a true lady that in the 1st date told me that "she doesn't like sex as sport" and that "she only performs sex when she feels something important to her partner".......well, the point is that after 3 years I discovered(from different sources than her) that she had 14 guys in the previous 3 years before me.....sometimes 3 different in a month, all of them international relations(italians an french)...internet dates......I felt deceived and cheated.....Clearly a 3rd cathegory women(angry/cynical).these women are for fun, not for falling in love with I am completly trapped and I want to leave her, but I can't....obviously everytime I want to talk about her past and I highly its also important to know she says "its better not, cause it would hurt you".....I appreciate the honest tone of the article, explaining that for men these are not paranoid matters, but something as a "critical defense information" that would give us hints for not suffering in future.