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I was hoping that someone might point out that there are variables. I am currently dating and have been for a year now, a woman that I would consider to be a category 2. She was very open with me and told me that she has had 13 previous partners and seems to be genuinely ashamed. I told her it is not a big deal to me. When she was younger, she equated sex with love and thought that sleeping with a guy would make him love her. She is 38 and I don't feel that her number is that high for a woman of her age. I have no doubt about what category she falls into because she exhibits all of the traits that were given for an inquisitive / curious woman. Yet she also displays many of the trusting / naive traits. She has never once questioned anything I tell her as being the truth. She has total faith and trust in our relationship. This is quite a change for me seeing as how I have been through the entire gambit of women and always seemed to end up falling for a category 3 or 4. I myself have gone through the man stages of all 4 categories, with most of the women I slept with being in my stage 3. I was quite angry and slept with women and treated them poorly just to satisfy my need to get back at all woman. Just as I know that I have seen the error in my ways, I am sure that a woman can do the same.