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their numbers. This is a fantastic article and is accurate in many, many ways. I can speak from first-hand experience. I was married to a woman who withheld many truths from me prior to us marrying...these truths slowly came out shortly after our wedding and I can tell you that her number count, which she continued to lie about until the very end impacted EVERY aspect of our relationship and was the basis for our divorce. After almost 10 years of marriage, the divorce is final (after spending many, many thousands of $$$).

We have two awesome, beautiful children, but we're involved in a custody battle that still rages on even now. All I can say guys is if this kind of thing is important to you, find out BEFORE, you marry them.

You see, it really is a double-edge sword. Had I known, I would have NEVER married this woman, but then I would have missed out on my two awesome children who I love dearly.

Good luck in your adventures...I'm slowly rebuilding my own life.