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After that article I had some thought and realized if that what Chase wrote is true, then all sort of PUA's will screw their's chances to get happily married. It will go like this:

1. Guys learns PUA's tactics.
2.They get laid with many women.
3.Some time later that will "produce" a lot of 20+ women.
4.PUA's wants to settle down.
5.Wait, they can't because women will cheat on them anyway in most times.
6.Women and men get older.
7.Most of them will get hurry to be married, so they won't care how is their partner.
8.Most of them end in boring, unsatisffing relationships.

Other thing; Succesful man is evolutionally supposed to make children with many women. Then who will support that amount of women and children? If the answer is "other, weaker men", this just shows that stuff is morally wrong.
Monogamous relationships were created for purpose.