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Very interesting article!

imo the first three categories seems quite accurate, at least from what I have seen my self. However, I think the last one is a bit fuzzy. 20+... I can imagine that a lot of girls reach this number (at least the ones who have not been in so many long relationships) before they are 30. What is the average anyway, for say a 25 year old?

Anyway, I have a question regarding what AI pointed out about women that "played the field" before, but now wants to settle. I am currently dating one of those for a few months. Do you have any thoughts regarding this type of women?

I am asking because we talked a bit about how many partners and stuff each other had, and she told me that she had about 18 her first year at university. I got a bit freaked out by that, however that is now 3 years ago (also an argument she used), and she says she is nothing like that now. We talked a bit more about it, and I arrived at the conclusion that she must at least have slept with 25 guys (she is 23 now). I for sure did not like it, but again I like this girl and I do want to believe that girls can change.

I think it would be interesting to know more about this type of women, because I have a feeling there are a lot of them out there, wherever they admit that they had "that many guys" or serve you a white lie;)