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Hey Chase. First off I want to say, this article is gold (along with the rest of the articles written from you and on this site)..

I have read this article a couple times, and the more I read it through my progression as an alpha-male, the more I can relate to it.

Since I have read it multiple times, and it has become more understandable to me through the years, I wanted to add my 2-cents to maybe connect some dots that have finally connected in my mind..

For me, this article is speaking about our ability to project our frame of reference into the world without shame or guilt.. When I say frame of reference, I am referring to the ability to project our reality onto that of others... Rather than our reality being from a perspective that something/someone got us to accept.

Many people act in the frame that has been set as a societal standard for each situation - set either by ethics or laws or fear of being casted out by others... Example:

"Inside voice in class (when you were a child)" ... Another one ... "I'm not a slut, I don't just have sex with guys that I don't know", to which you'd state "OF COURSE NOT!!"

Or.. You could briefly look down with disapproval then glance at the girl with the left side of your lip perked and say "Don't be one of them.. Sex is a beautiful thing, it's natural and enjoyable. I know many girls and guys that have great intimate moments with people they just met"

What did I just do? I projected my reality onto the girl. And now? We may fuss a little bit (frame war) or/regardless she will eventually (hopefully.. usually) see the world from my perspective for that moment in time, and her emotions will be changed from disgust to excitement of the possibilities between us.. The sexual fantasies that she can now think about with me.

As a dominant man, you understand that YOU can control the assumptions.. Everything is based on a "belief".. But every belief is just an assumption.