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Tbh I'm a horribly naturally submissive guy. I've always hated my older brother because he never had that problem. What he wanted. He got. Because he made it happen. Looking like almost no effort at all. When he started to become depressed after a long story of a bunch of horrible things basically friends were killed girlfriend left him car totaled etc. Soon after I realized he started declining and I noticed this thing you say winner effect or so. The better he felt his life was. The better it got the worse he felt his life was. The worse it got... I started searching for something like this soon after. Couldn't find anything to help some guy like me. Some 26 year old guy who really only sits in his room alone away from everyone a classic case of "I hate people because they just lack decent morals" and with the things being plastered everywhere on the news of all these attacks on people and then the lies of hate crimes when they are in self defense or an actual hate crime. Basically made me give up all hope for humanity as a whole. Oddly enough reading this. I started doing what it said. My girlfriend. Who had indirectly sent me to this page because she said that I wasn't dominant and it was driving her insane. Because I was always the "I'm sorry I didn't mean to" guy. afterwards everything has been. Honestly going great. I used to hate life and want to end it tbh. Now I couldn't be happier. Thank you for being and doing what you are.