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someone gets it... this insight is so rare, i don't lose... why, because i don't, ur automated perception of social norms can be easily thrown into confusion when the fear of being wrong, of embarrassment, a shot to the social validation you so desperately seek... because i seem so innocuous, but a statistical deviation, if i get you to question what's normal, why it is, why it's rational, or just convince you via inducing anxiety to fuck with your orbito-frontal, pre-frontal, your perception of every axiom you know... via a hint of doubt coupled with your hyper-functional amygdala which you overcompensate for to never have to face, lol... ur done, i get away with everything, i wont even elaborate, and the processes required are so heterogeneous, charm and mutual identification, eliciting pity, then after the point showing how you overcame, without sounding arrogant, more with a desirable to share to help others... can earn you favours... social scripts, norms, open and closed situations, body language, confusing people with conflicting schematic presentations... now that's messed, i get what i want, and i repudiate every societal paradigm in the book... self-handicapping and still getting what i want... ironically, i hate the pedestal im constantly put on, i seek novelty, challenge... sounds paradoxical, but winning and winning, and winning, gets boring... then again, there's always another level to push yourself too, right?